One Day Seminars


2012     Distributed access to  DB2 for z/OS”

             Practical DB2 for z/OS Performance Topics”


2013     DB2 Security in-depth

             DB2 10 System tuning

             DB2 for LUW state of the art


2014     DB2 for z/OS System Topics

             Analyzing performance using stats & accounting reports

             DB2 LUW : DR, HA, HADR, and pureScale demystified


2015     DB2 for z/OS Recovery in depth

             Moving and cloning DB2 data

             Introduction DB2 LUW for experienced DBA's


2016     Performance: Co-locating Transactional and Data Warehouse Workloads

             Buffer Pool: Design and definition, best practices, perf & optimiz, Data-Sharing (GBPs),...

             Big data demystified

             DB2 LUW - Interpretación de Planes de Acceso


2017     DB2 12 New Features and Enhancements

             DB2 z/OS State of the art, a system view

             Tuning you DB2 LUW using administrative views and table functions

             DB2 SQL/PL (Procedure Language): Desarrollo de Procedimientos


2018     The Db2 for z/OS Optimizer: Top rules

             Distributed access to Db2 for z/OS: the state of the art in 2018

             DSNZPARM update

             Análisis de sentencias SQL en entornos LUW

             Diseño de aplicaciones web con IBM Db2